Field Underwriting And Case Status2024-02-07T14:48:59+00:00

At ABS, our focus is clear – to make you more productive and more profitable. Accordingly, our Case Management tools provide you “real time” updates on all your pending business with ABS for over 20+ carriers. These tools have an easy search function where you will be able to view all your cases at one time, and have the option of viewing case specific notes and creating your own note, which will be sent to the assigned case manager and catalogued in the case history. Simply enter your user ID and password in Case Status, and log on to your customized management system that also provides you underwriting guidelines, requirements, and the ability to interact with Paramed services…24/7!

If you need assistance with your User ID and Password to log in to Case Management tools, please e-mail your inquiries to

At this time, you will find that some carriers are not available online for Case Management support. If you need status on a case from one of the following carriers, please contact

Allianz • Americo • Assurity • F&G • Fidelity • Indianapolis Life • ING
Life Investors • SBLI • TransAmerica