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American Brokerage Services is committed to your success.  We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to your needs.  We have many professionals who are eager to serve you.  We look forward to your email or telephone call.

Mailing Address

Annuity Division
805 E. Willow Grove Ave.
Suite 2B
Wyndmoor, PA 19038

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Toll Free Fax Number
(866) 233-2854

Life Division
803 E. Willow Grove Ave.
Wyndmoor, PA 19038

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Annuity Center Directory

Steve Delaney, Annuity Principal,, Ext. 207

Dan Dubyk, Annuity Principal,, Ext. 206

Anne Hetherington, Office Manager,, Ext. 231

Jessica Moffett, Administrative Assistant,, Ext. 234

Maureen Dufresne, Accounting,, Ext. 249

Ken Blackman, Annuity Brokerage Manager,, Ext. 248

Mike Bowman, Annuity Brokerage Manager,, Ext. 203

Aaron Voegtli, Annuity Brokerage Manager,, Ext. 246

Jack Torban, Regional Vice President,, Ext. 247

Annuity New Business,

Annuity Marketing General Calls, Ext. 500

Annuity Fax Sales & Administration, 866-233-2854

Life Insurance Center Directory

Dan Smyth, Life Principal,, Ext. 217

Euhnee Hunter, Case Manager,, Ext. 238

Kerry Woods, Case Manager,, Ext. 200

Beena Abbey, Life Licensing,, Ext. 222

Cynthia Thompson, Life Licensing,, Ext. 240

Bill McCullough, Life Sales,, Ext. 229

Larry Sembello, Life Sales,, Ext. 218

Chuck Smyth, Life Sales,, Ext. 235

John Smyth, Life Sales,, Ext. 241

Matt Vahey, Life Sales,, Ext. 220

Danny Smyth, Retail Development Director,, Ext. 237

Life Marketing General Calls, or, Ext. 600

Connie Schmidt, New Business Supervisor,, Ext. 260

Chris Vander Galien, National VP, 888-273-9310

Life Fax Administration, 215-233-9409

Life Fax Licensing And Applications, 215-233-3140

Medical Records Fax, 267-420-1034

Life Fax Sales, 215-233-3683

Life Settlement Center Directory

Dan Dubyk, Annuity Principal,, Ext. 206

Dan Smyth, Life Principal,, Ext. 217

Life Settlement General Calls, Ext. 6403