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Group Health

American Brokerage Services, Inc. offers unique Group Health Insurance Plans via a joint venture with Andus Health, bringing “Fortune 100 Group Health Insurance Consulting Services to groups from 30 to 5000.”

Everything is complete open architecture…  The Network, The Stop Loss carrier, The TPA, The Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)…

It’s all customized to the client.

If you are working with any groups now, and you are interested in our open architecture plans, please send us a bill and plan design to

About Us: Andus Health Benefits

We Have Changed The Game for Employers

Andus Health Benefits is a health insurance and employee benefits provider who has evolved the value and flexibility of health insurance for businesses. We believe the current process for procuring health benefits is unsustainable for employers.

Our unique open architecture model allows us to provide a solution which gives clarity, control, and efficiency to our clients. We eliminate all conflicts of interest by aligning our incentive system with yours.

We work for you and are not paid by insurance carriers.

Complete Clarity

Andus provides complete transparency over the price and cost drivers of your plan. Whether it’s the difference between a brand name or generic drug, or what the best option of emergency care, you’ll be educated by Andus to make a well-informed decision.


Total Control

With Andus, you will always dictate the purchasing process. We provide you total control over the customization of your benefit plan. You dictate what is best for you, not the broker or carrier like traditional healthcare plans.