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Annuity Center

When an annuity sale seems imminent, many agents make 2,3,4, – even 5 phone calls to brokerage houses and/or insurance companies. ABS agents make only one phone call!

Although we represent just about every “A” rated annuity carrier, the agents who work with ABS know that we provide more than just a lot of choices.  We function as a consulting firm, providing objective opinions and insights,  as well as the top products in each respective annuity category.

“We believe agents are simply more comfortable working with ABS, because they are confident we have done the research and the due diligence for them.”

Since ABS works with approximately 35 of the top annuity companies, we always have your best interest at heart, never pushing a particular product or company.  We will match your request and your client’s needs with a highly rated annuity company, and flexibility in terms of liquidity, withdrawal features, and nursing home benefits.   So whether you are looking for fixed, immediate, full and partial term rate guarantees, fixed index, bonus, or “older issue age” annuities, ABS is prepared to help you.

Plus, ABS allows you to combine all of your life and annuity production for great “ABS Producer Awards.”  So, the next time you consider the task of calling around to different brokerage houses and/or insurance companies-think about calling just one at 1-888-ABS-3131 X-500.

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